Voodoo love spell that works immediately

Voodoo love spell that works immediately

NB: This voodoo spell works fast and works always. Have no doubt about it! But you need to make sure that follow the exact procedure mentioned here without omitting any step.

Warning: Never ever use this spell to dabble around. Only use it if your intentions are genuine.

Casting a voodoo love spell through an experienced practitioner can cost a fortune. My intention behind sharing this spell is to help you cast your own love spell spending just a few bucks.

Why Voodoo love spells work immediately?

Voodoo is a very old and primitive-like system of both black and white magick, deriving from a background of African theology and ceremonialism. It is a complex of Catholic and African religious beliefs and rituals, establishing a vital link between the material world and the world of spirit, and governing in large measure the life of the Haitian peasantry. In Voodoo spells, the spirit of loas is invoked to get the power needed for the spells to work. And since it is one of the most ancient culture around, a lot of time went into the art of perfecting the spell casting through trial and error.

Another reason is that in most of the spells, human products like hair, nails, etc are used which manipulates the energy vibration of the target quite directly.

The Love Spell

Supplies needed :

  1.  A Red Voodoo Candle. 

    Candles are important tools in Voodoo magick. Without candles, it would be just about impossible to cast spells or invoke the loas. Most Voodoo candles are made from tallow, the rendered fat of animals. Making such a candle by yourself is neither needed nor desirable as it is quite complex. It is easier to buy it from a voodoo shop nearby or order it online.

  2. A Come-To-Me/Attraction incense. 

  3. A handful of dried Roses
  4.  A Voodoo Doll.  Dolls are representative of the person on whom you are trying to cast the spells. They are indispensable part of any voodoo magick, black or white. It is what make these love spells so deadly and perfect. Now, if you can, then you should try to make a doll by yourself. You can use any cloth for stuffing. But if you’re incapable of making one, you may buy it from any store. I have provided the link for online purchasing, in case you need it.
  5. Black Cat Oil. In some cultures, black cat is treated as bad omen. However in Afro-American community, black cats are often considered as a conduit to the realm of spirit.  That is why black cat oils are believed to enhance witchcraft spells. In ancient times, the oil was made from bones of black cat. But these days, such cruelty is it is mostly made from hair of black cats, which are equally strong. Other ingredients may include  Sage , Myrrh, Bay leaves, Grains of Paradise, lodestone filings, and various carrier oils. Again, the process of making these oils are very complex, time-consuming and hence, beyond the scope of this article. It is good idea to buy it from some genuine voodoo or witch shop. You may also get it online.

Instructions :

First you need to make a powerful Voodoo love powder. Burn a handful of dried roses on a night when the moon is full and mix the ashes with the black cat oil and a pinch of white sand(fine play sand would also work). Now, take the doll and stick a small bit of hair, blood or powdered fingernail clippings from your intended lover. This will kind of give a life to the doll which now symbolizes the man or woman from whom you desire love. You can  make it even stronger by dressing it in a piece of fabric obtained from the clothing of the person whom the doll is made to represent.

Now, light the red voodoo candle and burn the attraction incense. Tie a red string(should be a new one) around the doll and then sprinkle a bit of the love powder, which you made earlier, over it and intone:


LET THIS DOLL BE (name of your lover)




(Note that the prayer is offered to Erzulie loa- the voodoo loa of love, beauty and femininity. A brief description about Erzulie is given at the end of the spell, in case you want to learn more about her.)

Finally, pour some champagne or rum on the ground as a libation to the loa and thanking her. Then wrap the love doll in a white cloth and keep it safe in a secret place(a place in your bedroom would be nice). At this point, you’re done with the spell basically. But, I always advice my students to sing a eulogy for Erzulie in order to further strengthen the spell and expedite its result. Its in Haitian language, but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.  Just sing it seven times in slow melodious tone as far as possible. Here it is :

Ezili fre, li fre, li Freda
Ezili fre, li fre, li Freda
Ezili O! Li pa manje moun anko
Inosan Bondye va gade ou
Ezili Fre, li fre, li yon bel fanm
Ezili Fre, li fre, li yon fanm blanch

That’s it. You’re done! Now relax and wait for the magick to happen. If you have done everything, I bet you’ll amazed at how fast this wonderful voodoo love spell will ignite love in your life!

Steps to enhance the spell

  • Perform this on a Friday night, when the power of Erzulie is the most intense.
  • Perform the entire spell in utmost secrecy. I can’t overemphasize how important is this.
  • Always buy the ingredients for spells from a trusted seller. Counterfeit products won’t do any good.


Note: You may also wanna try LOVE POPPET SPELL, in case you aren’t comfortable with voodoo spells.


A bit about Erzilie( optional reading )

erzulie freda spell image

Love spells in Voodoo fall primarily under the domain of the Loa Erzulie(also spelled as Erzilie), in her forms of Erzulie Freda Dahomey and Erzulie Dantor. Erzulie Freda Dahomey is a Rada aspect of the Loa, meaning that her spells deal primarily with true love, romance, and beauty. Erzulie Dantor, on the other hand, is a Petro Loa, meaning that her love spells focus more on seduction, lust, and sexual appeal. Remember that they are not separate entities, but different manifestations or the same higher energy. In this spell we invoked Erzulie Freda to attract true love. Luxury is her primary attribute, and she is envisaged as a young, beautiful, wealthy lady wearing many golden rings and necklaces. Her favorite drink is champagne and/or rum. She loves the color white and pink; and she is worshipped on her sacred day – Friday.



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  1. How long does this usually take to work? Like when should I start seeing my results after casting the spell?

    1. If you cast the spell well enough, your wish will be fulfilled within 10-15 days.

  2. I thought Erulie Freda isn’t the lwa for long term relationships? I’ve been reading this everywhere online. Please clarify

  3. How long must the candle burn for, should it be until it’s completely melted and if so what do I do with the remains, but if it isn’t to be completely melted, should I snuf it out?

    1. Let the candle burn until it goes out on its own. Then you may dispose the residue in any manner you wish, it’s not important.

      1. Thank you, also will just one strand of hair (with the follicle attached) work?

      2. Thank you so much, also will just one strand of hair (with the follicle attached) work?

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