Simple Spell to Bring Back a Lover – A White Magick Love Spell

Simple Spell to Bring Back a Lover – A White Magick Love Spell

Bring back my ex love spell

Many of us, at some point of time, wishes to get back their ex-lover. Well, if you are into witchcraft and magick, the good news is, it  is very much possible. This article explains a simple love spell to bring back your lover. It is straightforward enough for a beginner, but powerful enough to bring back even the most stubborn. This love spell has been casted with 100% success by some of my students. So, have no iota of doubt in your mind. You’ll have to choose just how far you want to take them.

Supplies needed for the spell:

Assuming you have searched the internet, canvassed old friends, and still can’t dredge that person up from the element of time, try this one. To “just find out,” you will need 2 wire coat hangers. (Yes, you’ve seen this in other divining applications.) On a piece of paper, write the person’s name. (This actually works better if you have a picture or something that belonged to the person.)

Instructions for casting the spell:

Place the item or name at your feet. Bend or cut the hook part of each hanger off above the joint (the hanger will remain together). Empower the hangers to perform as “information gathering only.” Stand in the center of a room. Hold each hanger loosely along the longest edge (so it looks like the hangers are wings) about a foot apart. Ask Spirit/Guardian Angel to bring you information about the individual. Slowly, in a clockwise direction, turn in a circle. The hangers may (or may not) begin to move toward each other.

This is a signal that you are homing in on the individual. If they turn significantly toward each other, stop, close your eyes, and concentrate on gathering information. When you are finished, take a deep breath and thank Spirit, asking that the information be brought to you as quickly as possible. You should hear something in about thirty days.

To Physically Draw Them to You:

Be careful, because you don’t want to inhibit that person’s free will. Make something from your own hands (a goblet out of clay or ceramics works well). Tie an item that belonged to the individual around the stem of the cup. If you don’t have anything, then use their name on a piece of paper. You can also make a fetish out of feathers, beads, and rawhide to guide that person to you, tying the magickal item to the stem of the goblet.

In the cup, place a petition to Spirit, asking the energies of the universe to physically bring that person to you; however, it is wise to add something like, “If this is best for both of us,” etc. If you don’t want someone to read the paper, burn it and place the ashes in the cup. I would also add, “No one and nothing save the energy of Spirit can intervene.” Take the cup to the last place that you know the person frequented. It doesn’t matter where (and no, you probably won’t get the goblet back). If you are to see that person, you will receive a call in about thirty days.

In case you wanna entice multiple lovers, just add the following to the above ritual:

When the moon is waxing in the sign of Gemini—paint the outside of a jelly jar red, or cover with red cloth or paper. Place the following inside the jar:


  • Chocolate
  • honey
  • ginger
  • a lock of your hair
  • 11 dried white beans
  • a small magnet
  • exactly what you wish to draw to you written on a piece of white paper with red ink.


Cap the jar. Rub briskly between your hands for several minutes, envisioning yourself enjoying that which you desire.

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