Simple Love Spell Without Ingredients: 5 spells to change your love life

Simple Love Spell Without Ingredients: 5 spells to change your love life

What? Love spell without any ingredients? Is it even possible?

Layman and many amateur to spellcraft believe that  spells, which doesn’t inculcate hard to find esoteric ingredients, will just not work. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most of the powerful spells in Higher Magick hardly need any material. But how this is possible, you may ask! All magical and occult practices involves some kind of energy manipulation. You generate(or summon) energy, and then direct them towards your goal. The ingredients used in spells such as herbs, potions, candles, dolls, etc are simply helping you in generating energy of a particular frequency. But that energy can also be generated without them. In Wiccan and other sects of witchcraft, many spell-casting uses Thought-Forms to achieve desired goals A particular branch of  sorcery, known as Chaos Magick, is based upon directing these thought-forms to reorder the reality as one wants. Some legendary witches are believed to even raise the dead through visualization alone! So now with some background knowledge on how spell-casting works, let’s move on to the actual spells.  I will discuss three love spells that are simple and doesn’t need any ingredients. These spell not only doesn’t need ingredients but also are extremely simple and can be cast by anyone(both guys and dolls),  anywhere!

Love Spell without ingredients #1

This love spell uses Sigils – a drawn, carved or painted symbol that is believed to have magical properties.

What will you need?

For this love spell, You’ll  need these ingredients tools:-

  1. A Paper
  2. A Pencil/Pen
  3. Concentration(absolutely necessary for the spell to be successful)

I hope you won’t have any problem in finding the above-mentioned things!

The Spell

This love spell can be used to both attract a new love, or to make somebody specific fall in love with you. To begin with, draw the sigil shown below with red ink on a white paper(as exact as you can). You may also take a print out of the sigil and use it.


sigil for casting love spell


It is important to note that the sigil must be drawn on a new moon at midnight. This will enhance the strength of the sigil manifold. After you finished drawing, visualize the traits that you desire to have within your new romantic partner. If you’re doing this for a specific person, visualize his face as clearly as possible. Imagine your prospective partner making love to you. Make it as vivid as possible, and that is the secret! The visualization must be done everyday till the next new moon. Try not to have break in between as it will diminish the energy cloud that you are building. This can be done before you go to bed. After casting the spell each day, keep the sigil under your pillow and sleep.

How long it might take for the spell to show result?

This is perhaps the most important question a spell-caster has in his mind. After all, none has infinite time in his/her hand. Be assured that if you have done the love spell correctly, you’ll find your true love within a month or two. Needless to say that you need to go out in the world, or meet your dream partner(in case you have specific person in your mind) as often as you can. This will expedite the love ignition process! But sometimes if your visualizations weren’t strong enough, it may delay the mater a bit. In such conditions, you would want to carry on the spell casting process till next new moon. It is also advisable to keep the charged sigil with you as much as possible by keeping it in your purse,etc.

Love Spell without ingredients #2

This love spell is much popular in the cult of the Aphrodite – the ancient Greek Goddess of Love and beauty, and a deity who presided over human love, marriage ceremonies, and married life. .

This spell is for those who are getting ready for that big date! You got to cast this spell the night before you go out for the date.

For this spell, you”ll need :-

  • A red candle, preferably a taper one. You can get this easily from nearby retail shop or order one online.

The spell

Light the candle and chant the following prayer :-

“Aphrodite, Grecian goddess of the heavens, bringer of beauty, love, and sexuality, open the doors of love to me tonight. Aphrodite, bring to me the same desire you have for Adonis!”

Feel the power of her’s around you. Ask her to bring you the mate of your dreams. Now, carry the candle to the outside through  front door. Draw an invoking pentagram in the air as shown below.

invoking pentagram image

Now say the following three times:

“Goddess of the moonlit night, don’t let me sleep alone tonight!”

That’s it. Now go ahead with your date and something adorable will surely happen!


Love Spell without ingredients #3

The next love spell I am giving in this series of love spells without ingredients is from ancient Hindu Yantra technique. From my experience, I can speak uni-vocally that it is one of the strongest love spell out there for beginners.

This spell is for those who have someone in their mind. This is NOT for attracting new love.

For this spell, you’ll need:-

  1. A white ink pen or marker
  2. A paper, preferably a light yellowish one

The Spell

Draw the symbol shown below on any Friday(Venus day) in Venus hour. It is known as Venus Yantra. It bestows respect, love of opposite sex.

Venus Yantra

After you’re done with making the yantra, carry it with you in your purse,etc whenever you plan to visit your prospective love. He/She will be yours pretty soon!

Love Spell without ingredients #4

Well, here is another simple love spell that doesn’t need any special magickal ingredients. This one is an ancient “Hindu Attraction Yantra”. It is a believed to be a “sarvajan vashikaran yantra” that can be used to attract one and the all – men, women, children and even angels and  demons. Though that might sound to be a bit exaggerated, it is definitely powerful enough to attract your desired love!

Draw the figure shown below on a red cloth with white marker.

attraction yantra

While drawing the yantra, you should be facing towards the East. After you have finished the drawing, keep the cloth in a safe place and carry it with you whenever you are going to meet your guy/gal. The more frequent you visit and the more prolonged the duration, the faster you’ll see the desired results! Friday would be the best day for casting this spell.

Love Spell without ingredients #5 – The rose petal spell

You will need 40 rose petals. On each petal you will write your name, name of your lover and also write these strong and powerful spell words: “ERZULIE EHATA RABH MISTO”.

Once this is done then take a red pouch, and put all the collected petals in the pouch and tie it with a red lace or thread. Now the spell is ready. Keep the pouch in your cupboard and every day at least twice just touch the pouch and concentrate and imagine it to be your partner. As the days past your partner will love you more then before. There is no fixed duration for how long you should repeat the process since the amount of magickal energy generated differs from person to person. But in my experience, for most the spell shows its full power after one lunar month.

A Word of Precaution

Whenever you cast any of these love spells, be sure you do in utmost secrecy. If anyone comes to know about it, the spell is bound to fail because of dissipation of energy. In fact, this is true for any occult practices.

Finally, if you have any query, you can post them in the comments below!

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