2 Simple Love Potion Spell for beginners

2 Simple Love Potion Spell for beginners

Love potions, also known as “philtres”, are magickal brews that are used to inspire loving feelings between two people. In western witchcraft, magickal potions are traditionally made from wine, water, or tea into which certain herbs (including hallucinogenic ones) and/or other magickal ingredients have been added.The use of love potions dates back to early times and is a practice not uncommon in any part of the world. But sometimes, the ingredients needed can be a bit hard to find in usual stores. The love potion spell recipe described in this article strives to resolve this issue; it uses easy to find herbs.


  1. This spell is for attracting a new love
  2. This is a basic potion recipe for beginners. If you are looking for somewhat advanced potions you may check it out here


Easy Love Potion Spell #1


You need at least three herbs (dried or fresh) from the following list:

balm, basil, powdered cardamom seeds, carrot root, cinnamon, cumin, dill seed, dittany of Crete, fennel seeds, grains of paradise, marjoram, powdered orris root, parsley.

Remember that the more herbs you can add, the more strong the love potion becomes. So try to get as many as you can!


Add the herbs to a glass of mulled wine or a cup of hot tea. You can also use your ritual cauldron, if you already have it. Now,  As you stir in the herb or herbs clockwise, think about the special qualities you would want your true love to possess and perhaps even his or her physical attributes. Visualize your intent and repeat the following magickal rhyme:

“Herbs of magick

Moon and sun,

Bring to me my loving one

By his/her free will

And harming none.

This is my wish,

It now is done.

So mote it be.”

Drink half of the potion and pour the other half on the soil of Mother Earth as a libation at the first stroke of midnight. Give thanks to the powers that be, believe in your heart that your spell will work, and then wait for the positive results to occur.

Be patient and do not become discouraged if Mister or Miss Right does not show up at your front door immediately. You may have to repeat the spell a number of times before you get it right, especially if you are a novice in the art of spellcraft.

Another important thing to keep in mind, not only with this particular potion but with all potions and spells, is that magick is basically a way of setting things into motion and creating opportunities for you. But you must act upon them and utilize them in a positive and unselfish way in order to make your desired goals materialize. If you cast a spell and then sit back and idly wait for all of your needs and wants to be instantly handed to you out of the blue the way a genie grants wishes in a fairy tale, you will have a very long wait, my friend.

As usual, you can ask any question in the comments below or use the contact form.


Easy Love Potion Spell #2

In this spell you prepare a powerful attraction perfume that will draw the romantic attention of the opposite sex. 

During a Full Moon, mix the following oils or herbs in an olive or almond oil base, in proportions pleasing to both your nose and magical senses.

For women seeking men:

  • vanilla extract or oil,
  • clove oil,
  • rose oil,
  • willow bark.

For men seeking women:

  • musk oil,
  • orange or lime oil,
  • nutmeg oil,
  • dried yarrow.

Apply the perfume to root chakra(at the base of the spinal cord), or pulse points before going out to meet your prospective lovers.

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