Love Spell for finding a partner – Wedding Spell

Love Spell for finding a partner – Wedding Spell

Tired of the just-for-fun attitude? Looking for something more stable? The Wedding Spell is designed for anyone, regardless of sexual preference.


You will need objects that are seen or used in wedding preparations. Use your own creativity in your choices. For example, a wedding cake knife can serve as your athame, or you can create a wedding invitation that lists the qualities of the intended mate and invites guests to an open, future date. The invitation can then act as your petition to the gods. The focal point of your altar might be a wedding cake topper surrounded by a beautiful flower arrangement. Use wedding themed candles dressed with orange blossom oil. When casting your spell, dress in something that makes you feel good, such as clothing that enhances your attributes. Cast your circle with white rose petals. Pay particular attention to jewelry—will you use a ring, a bracelet, or a necklace to draw your mate to you? Take your time in selecting music that you will listen to during the working. The more creative you are, the more fun you will have with your preparations, and the stronger the spell. In this working, the preparations are actually the engine of your spellwork.


Perform this spell on a Friday (Venus day) in a Venus hour on the new moon or in the week thereafter. If you are unsure of the planetary hour, you can use the table in Appendix 3 of this book, or you can purchase a planetary app for your phone or computer. As this spell is your own creation, the instructions given here are only a guideline. After everything is prepared, take a ritual bath. Dry off using a fresh towel. Scent your body with an attraction oil or perfume of your choice. Rub your hands with a magickal attraction powder. Dress in your chosen clothing. Cast your circle using white rose petals. While holding your wedding invitation or petition, call upon your favorite love goddess. In this example, I’ll use Aphrodite. Ask her to bring you the mate of your dreams. Feel her power in and around you. Light the wedding candle and then walk clockwise around your circle, holding the petition as though you are walking down the aisle at your wedding. Do this three times. You can even carry a bouquet of flowers tied to your petition if you so desire. When you reach the altar, hold your petition and the chosen jewelry (bracelet/necklace) tightly in both hands close to your heart. Close your eyes and breathe deeply several times. As you breathe, think of your future partner walking toward you, coming closer and closer, and then coming to stand beside you. When you feel completely energized (you may get warm or you may have great feelings of excitement), open your eyes and place the jewelry you chose on your body (the ring, bracelet, or necklace). Say loudly: “With this ring (bracelet/necklace) I thee wed! So be it!” Finish the spell by thanking your chosen god or goddess and envisioning the power from the circle you cast entering the jewelry. Gather up the rose petals along with your petition and wrap them in a white cloth. Place this packet in a safe place in your bedroom. Leave an offering (such as milk and honey) for your chosen deity outside.

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