Free Love Spell That Works Immediately – The Black Madonna Love Spell

Free Love Spell That Works Immediately – The Black Madonna Love Spell

I have a special place in my heart for the Black Madonna so I certainly couldn’t write love spells without including her, too! Moreover, this love spell is extremely easy to cast for the beginners, and it works almost immediately. Probably the most well-known of the Egyptian goddesses, Isis represents ceremonies, immortality, time, astrology, earth, nature, moon, night, and, in the incarnation of the Haitian goddess Yemaya, love (also known as Our Lady of Regla). With Rome’s occupation of outlying territories came the expansion of Isis worship. Statues of Isis holding her son were numerous. When Christianity entered the religious scene, many of the chapels in Europe already dedicated to Isis changed the motherly representations of this goddess to the Virgin Mary carrying Jesus. Because Isis was dark-skinned, these statuaries were called the Black Virgins or Black Madonnas.


  • A white enamel basin
  • 2 seven-day candles (white and blue)
  • your love prayer written on white virgin parchment
  • and 1 bluing square or ball.

Note: Laundry bluing is packaged in squares or balls and is used for whitening clothes. You should be able to find this ingredient in the laundry section of your supermarket because, lucky us, some of our grandmas still use it and demand that managers keep the product in stock!


Place the basin and candles on your love altar. Put your prayer at the bottom of the basin. Fill the basin with water (not too full, you don’t want to make a mess). Add enough bluing to color the water a light blue (though some prefer darker). Light the candles and call the Black Madonna, stating aloud your love prayer. Pray every day for seven days, repeating your specific petition in your devotions. On the seventh day, release the water.

Note: The original spell called for releasing the water into the ocean; however, with all the contamination these days, we certainly wouldn’t want to add to it! Therefore, if you wish, you can place the bluing water in a jar and bury, pouring only a capful of the water on the ground, or you can release the water in the same area that accepts your wash water.

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