Candle Love Spell that ACTUALLY WORKS!

Candle Love Spell that ACTUALLY WORKS!

This article will discuss the secret Kipona’s candle love spell. This candle love spell actually works like wonder on every occasion I myself, or my students cast. But this one is certainly not for the absolute beginners to wicca, or spellcraft in general; we need to prepare our own handmade candle. If you aren’t sure you can first try the beginner’s love spell.

The Kipona Love Spell

This love spell has been written by by Kipona of the Black Forest Clan that tells you exactly how to make your own magickal candles and provides that added enchantment to bring a little zing into your love life.


  • An old pot or double boiler and a container to melt wax in
  • wax
  • catnip
  • old spatula or stirring stick
  • a wick
  • molds
  • herbs such as lemon verbena, sage, chamomile wildflower roots, or a few rose petals.



Fill pot with water. Let the water come to a boil, lower heat, then put the container in the water. Watch the container very carefully. If you try to melt too much wax at one time, a fire may occur. If an accident does happen, have a lid handy to put over the pot. This method of melting wax will work with a gas or electric stove as long as caution is used while melting the wax. As the wax is melting add just a little bit of the herb mixture or the rose petals, stirring with a wooden spatula (one that is no longer used for cooking) or a small stirring stick. Add wick to the mold you have chosen before you begin to pour the wax and make sure it is centered before letting the wax cool. You can do this by tying the wick around a pencil or a small twig, balancing it over the top of the mold—anything that will keep the wick centered as the wax cools. Molds come in endless shapes and sizes.

Many containers can be used as a mold. Almost anything that will stand up to the extreme heat of molten wax will work, as long as the opening is large enough to remove the hardened candle or the container is disposable and can be peeled off. If you are making a free-standing candle, make sure you coat the inside of the mold with a nonstick cooking spray or silicon spray first. This will help your candle come out much easier. Or you can use a disposable mold such as a plastic jar, milk carton, frozen juice can, etc., that can be torn and peeled off when the candle is hard.

When the wax has completely melted, let it cool a little, but no longer than two minutes, then pour into a mold of your choosing. Remember to use a pot holder when removing the container from the water as the container will be hot. Pour a little melted wax in your mold then add some herb mixture, then add more wax. Keep doing this until your container is almost full. Done slowly, this will disperse the herb mixture throughout the candle evenly. In between pouring and adding, you can set the container back in the hot water so it will remain pourable.

Let cool for twenty-four hours to set or you can put it in the refrigerator (not in the freezer) for a couple of hours. Once completely cooled you may have a dent in the top of the candle from where it settled. You can sprinkle a few herbs there and seal with wax.

Let stand for a few hours, then take the candle out of the mold. Once the candle is out of the mold, hold it in both hands, seeing in your mind’s eye exactly for what reason you are going to use the candle and the purpose for making the candle. I always thank the God and Goddess, then I wrap up the candle and give it to the intended person.

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