5 Simple spells to bring back a lover

5 Simple spells to bring back a lover

Have you ever wondered how some people get lost love back? If you said yes, you have come to the right place because in this article, I want to discuss simple spells to bring back a lover. I am sure that  you have an idea about how love spells involve magick that you can perform to get back with the person you love after they have broken up with you.  But you might be thinking that these spells  are too difficult to cast. Here’s the good news – these spells can be simple chants that you can do either by yourself or under the direction of a powerful lost love spell caster.

Like any other spells, spells to make him come back, depends primarily on your strong desire to get back your ex. Also, you have to be convinced that the spell will work without a second thought.

Spell #1 to bring back a lover

You will need:

  • 2 white candles
  • A photo of your lover or friend
  • A photo of yourself smiling
  • A chamomile teabag
  • A piece of blue material

To bring back an ex-lover or end an argument between friends. Perform this spell at 8 o’clock in the evening. At exactly 8 o’clock light the candles and take a few deep relaxing breaths. Visualize a peaceful scene. Now hold in your hand the picture of your ex lover or friend and repeat this chant:

“With the light of the flame I’ll light your desire, When I speak your name You’ll feel the glow from my fire. The spell has been cast– So be it!”

Say his or her name slowly 3 times and then put your picture face down on top of his or her picture so that the 2 images are together. Wrap up the pictures, along with the chamomile tea bag in the blue cloth. Put the package in a safe place. To make sure your ex lover or friend gets the message, light the candles and repeat his or her name 3 times each evening at 8 o’clock.

Spell #2 to get someone you love back

To be performed on New Moon.

  • For this spell you will need 9 red carnations.

Place your red carnations in a clear glass vase of water. Add 4 drops of red food coloring to the water. Cup your hands around the flowers and inhale deeply the scent of the carnations. Say:

“Flowers red I see you Touch you Smell you

Bring back my love(whisper his/her name here) as tangible as you.

Spell #3 (Aradia Love Spell)

This is the famous Aradia Love Spell that almost forces your ex to come running back to you.  It is said that your lover will come to your home if you ask Diana to call on her daughter Aradia for aid. Note that this spell needs few ingredients. It is an easy love spell with just words.

Stay up all night on a Thursday, filled with desire for your lover; then, to call your beloved to you, perform this spell to Diana on Friday at dawn, when the moon is still visible and the sun is just rising:

“Good and beautiful Diana I have faithfully worshiped you; Now help me with my love! Call your daughter Aradia; And send her to fetch my love to me. Fill our souls with the joy of lovemaking. Thank you, Great Fairy Queen and Fair Aradia.”

Spell #4 to get back your ex

This ‘get-back-ex spell’ depends on little love patches to attract back your ex-love into your life. You will need:

  • Several small square pink pieces of fabric
  • Pink thread Needle
  • Some pins Herb, only one of the suggested: chamomile, basil, rosemary or dried rose petals.

Take a pinch of the herb and place it in the center of the fabric, fold over and pin it. Using thread and needle, sew the little bundle at the edges so the herb won’t fall out. Light a pink candle. Say: “Venus, Aphrodite, bring love to me. Through the flame and my desire. Burns as hot as this fire.” Allow the pink candle to burn down. Place the little love patches in your underwear drawer, in the South section of your bedroom, under the pillows, anywhere you’d like. Carry one with you.

Spell #5 (Voodoo Come to me Spell)

Not much to say about voodoo spells. Extremely powerful and works almost instantaneously. Try out this one only when all else fails.

You will need:

  • A new glass bowl (small),
  • A cup of water from a living stream or river,
  • Powdered hot pepper,
  • Powdered rosemary,
  • 5 drops of jasmine oil,
  • 3 drops of your own blood.

When the moon is waxing, place all items in an area outside where you won’t be seen and while visualizing your goal, mix with your bare hands. Sprinkle in his/her doorsteps (or yours) and at the perimeter of their house. Repeat this for three consecutive nights.

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  1. In spell number 5 (the come to me spell) how much of the ingredients do you use and do you make the mixture once and sprinkle it every three nights or do you make the mixture every three nights?

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